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10 Biggest Seller Mistakes

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your house. You hired an agency, marketed your home and have buyers lining up at your door. You received an offer and want to accept. Should be that simple, right? Not quite. Go into selling your home after completing research and getting a better understanding of everything that goes into it.


  1. Don’t sell before you get qualified to buy your new home

If you sell your home before you have been qualified to buy another you could face problems. The reason is because your finances may have changed since your last home purchase and you may not be able to qualify for a loan or your house may not sell at a price that lets you buy the home of your dreams.

Before selling your home get pre-approved by a lender and research the market you want to move into. That way when an offer is presented you have a loan secured and have a general idea how much it will be to buy and move into your dream home.


  1. Don’t guess your loan payoff

Know your mortgage payoff. Call your lender to find out exactly how much you owe and the payoff time. Double check to see if there are any penalties with paying your mortgage early. Some lenders have fees built in to mortgages that are paid too early.


  1. Don’t guess on the sale price of your home

Decide what your home’s fair market value is. The Kurt Allen Group can help you determine what the value is or you can order a fair market appraisal that tells you the true market value. It’s important to get the right price on your home because if your price is too high no one will want to buy it but if you price too low you may lose out on a lot of money.


  1. Don’t waste your time with non-qualified buyers

It’s a waste of your time and a buyer’s time to show them a house that they cannot qualify for a loan on. So be sure to find out if someone who is gaining interest in your home can be qualified for a loan to save you a headache down the road.


  1. Don’t show your home unprepared

It’s important to de-clutter, organize and repair any issues in your home before showing it. You want buyers to come into your home and visualize it their home and not distract them with your belonging or an eyesore that needs to be fixed.


  1. Don’t go to closing unprepared

Being unprepared for closing can lead you to quite the headache. Be sure your agent has gone over the closing disclosure with you. This document outlines the debits and credits. All costs associated with selling your home will be detailed on the report. It’ll also show any credits including equity and other items that would be credited back to you at closing.


  1. Don’t ignore inspection requirements

After an inspector gives you their analysis, fix what you know is expected of you to fix. Find a reputable contractor to come in and resolve the problems before something happens down the line.


  1. Don’t go it alone

Selling a home can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. By hiring The Kurt Allen Agency it can save you a lot of effort and hard work. Our agents take care of the day-to-day needs for your house and be sure it sells in a timely manner for a reasonable price.


  1. Don’t panic if appraisal comes in low

At least don’t panic at first. There are a few things you and your agent can try to fix the issues. Look over your options and do what works best for you.


  1. Don’t let emotions take over

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to sell your home. It takes a lot of effort to stay level headed before and after a home inspection. But go into an inspection knowing there will be issues that have to be fixed. No home is perfect, especially older homes.