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Home / Homeowner Tips / 10 Gifts to Take to a Housewarming Party

10 Gifts to Take to a Housewarming Party

Moving is an exciting time for anyone. Be sure to help your loved ones celebrate a new place with a great gift. Here are some fun ideas for new homeowners:


  1. The Homeowner’s Manual

This quirky and helpful book is filled with great info for homeowners and fun little quips. Not only will they learn a lot of tips but they will be entertained during while reading it. Plus, it looks great on a coffee table!


  1. Coasters

Coasters are an often-overlooked item when buying things for a new home. You’ll delight new homeowners with a cute, but functional, present.


  1. Vases

Guests often bring new homeowner’s flowers but don’t think about whether or not they have a vase. Save the day by gifting a pretty vase. Not only will your friends be grateful but it’ll be a present they can use for years.


  1. Utensil Holder

Another often overlooked item. Your pal may have every cooking gadget there is, but with nowhere to store them an area will look cluttered. A utensil holder will solve that problem.


  1. Mugs

Great for your coffee or tea loving friends. If you want to get more creative try monogramming the mugs or getting your friend’s silhouette screen-printed on them.


  1. Frame It

Give your friend an excuse to print off beautiful photos. Not only will they love a frame but also a chance to display their photos and make their new house feel more like home.


  1. Wine in a Flash

Wine is also another popular gift to give to homeowners but givers may not think about whether or not the owners have a wine opener. Gift a nice electric corkscrew that your loved one can enjoy.


  1. Storage Containers

After moving into a home there are also loose objects laying around. Storage containers are a great, and if decorative, pretty present that your friends will enjoy displaying.


  1. Welcome Mat

Gifts like this will help make a house feel like a home. To make it more personalized get their last name on it or a funny phrase.


  1. Cutting Board

A nice cutting board will be with your friend for years. If they’re an avid cook they’ll enjoy your gift often.