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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / 5 Steps to Organize Your Closet

5 Steps to Organize Your Closet

Closets are one of the easiest areas in a home to get cluttered and unorganized. Planning and reorganzing can be a little time consuming but worth it. A clean closet allows you to see everything and have better access. So take these five steps to gain your perfectly organized closet.


Step One

Designate a certain area, whether it be on your bed, or a corner in your room, to be your organization zone. This is crucial and it requires that you remove everything from your closet: clothes, shoes, boxes, magazines, blankets, etc.


Use a collapsible clothing rack or lay everything out so you can clearly see and sort all the items stored in your closet. It’s important not to rush this process and take your time laying everything out.


Step Two

Organize each item into specific categories and note everything you have. Place each category in a different box, container or pile and try labeling what each category is and what the pile consists of so you don’t forget (For example: clothes, shoes, linens). The further along you get divide categories into subcategories (sweaters, blouses, winter boots).


As you get into step two you may want to designate a donate and toss pile. Decide what you can’t live without and what you’re willing to let go of.


Step Three

Get rid of items that don’t belong in that certain closet. A big contributor to disorganization and clutter is placing items in a closet that belong in a different area, for example – placing a box of appetizer plates in your bedroom closet. Step three is the time to take those out-of-place items and move them to their rightful home. Be sure to stay focused on the closet you’re currently working on. You can place your attention on a different closet another time.


Step Four

Now’s the time to get rid of unwanted and unneeded items. Whether you’re tossing them or donating them, remove them from your closet. This can be the toughest part of the process, but stay strong and establish basic rules up front; anything with holes, missing pieces or severely stained must go. Also, ask yourself some questions:

  • Have you worn this item in the last year?
  • Do you need 12 containers that all look the exact same?
  • Is it necessary to keep magazines that are four years old?


Step Five

With everything organized and out of your closet it’s time to do some deep cleaning. Wipe down your closet walls, sweep, dust, and scrub the floor. During the process of organizing your closet you more than likely found your fair share of old price tags, receipts and dust bunnies – now is the best time to get everything nice and clean. Finally, arrange your newly organized items back into your closet and enjoy the fresh space.