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Home / Homeowner Tips / Best Ways to Clean Out Your Attic

Best Ways to Clean Out Your Attic

It’s finally spring and that means it is time for spring-cleaning. Everyone has that area in their home where they stash anything and everything during the winter months. Whether it’s your attic, basement or a random closet here are some of the most efficient ways to get organized:


Excess and Access

When you first get started take a look around the area. Take out the items you know you don’t want and put them in a donate or pitch pile. Next, figure out which items you’ll be using most frequently and be sure to organize them in a way that they’ll have easy access. Finally, don’t put off making tough decisions; you’ll regret it later. If you’re trying to convince yourself to keep something it may just be easier to get rid of it.


Think Vertically

If you have room in the area add shelves to maximize organization space. Shelving in storage rooms doesn’t have to look fantastic but it does need to be sturdy. One recommendation is to use shelving that is adjustable. So as time goes on and things move around you can adjust your items without wasting space.


Protection From the Elements

Using shelving in basements is ideal because it keeps your keepsakes off the floor, protected from any water damage. Even the most secure basements can have flooding from time-to time so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Attics are less vulnerable to water damage, but items kept in an attic need to be resistant to extreme temperature change. Artwork, photos and records can be damaged if exposed to temperatures over 80 degrees.


Clear Containers

Clear containers are ideal for storage areas. You’re able to look in them and get a general idea of what’s in each tub. It’s a great way to keep all of your items organized and kept together. However, be sure not to get containers too big or fill them up too much. They can get heavy and lugging them up to an attic, down in a basement or on a top shelf can cause injuries.


Labeling is Crucial

Clear containers are great, but labeling will save you extra time. Take a few minutes to label each container and what’s all in it. That way the next time you need an item you can save time and energy digging through totes looking for it.


Attics, basements and closets are the go-to storage locations for holiday, overflow and keepsake items. Instead of just shoveling all of it in your hide-away areas make sure you pre-organize and know exactly what you’re storing away.