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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / Biggest Home Trends in 2016

Biggest Home Trends in 2016

Spring has arrived and put pep in our step. Warm weather is an inspiration to put out the old and bring in the new. Here are some of the biggest home trends we’ve seen in 2016, and what we expect to see more of.


Black Stainless Steel

It seems that every few years the popular appliance color changes – remember pastel ovens? Today it looks like the trend is heading in the direction of black stainless steel. These appliances will add a very sleek finished look to your kitchen.


Formal Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms are becoming popular again. Not only is this a great opportunity for family meals to make a comeback but it gives homeowners a chance to redesign.


Mismatched Cabinets

Having a cohesive, matching kitchen is always a great go-to when designing space. However, in 2016 the trend is leaning towards going bold. Try adding a pop of color or texturized cabinets. We even suggest taking a risk and pairing two different cabinet styles together. It’ll give your kitchen a stunning and personalized look.


Heated Entry Ways

A big renovation in 2015 was placing heated floors in the bathroom. But with this 2016 trend homeowners are bringing that technology to their entryways. Not only will this give your home an instant cozy feeling when you walk through the doors but will also be a brilliant in cold winter months.


Statement Bathroom Mirrors

A rectangle or oval mirror gets the job done in the bathroom, but 2016 will be the year of the statement mirrors. This is a new area for homeowners to be creative. Try an irregular-shaped mirror or one with a funky frame to give your space a modern look.


Tech-Less Living Rooms

Technology is nearly impossible to escape and the gadgets certainly aren’t going anywhere. However, many families are opting for a tech-less living room to create more opportunities to unplug and get in more family time.


Change can be a lot of fun when it comes to redesigning a home. If you want to update your space try using some of these tips to give your home a new feel.