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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / Brighten Your Home With These Tips

Brighten Your Home With These Tips

Resourceful homeowners can look past drab, dark spaces to see a room’s full potential. Learn the secrets of brightening up any room with these tips:


Just Add White

Never underestimate the power of white paint to make a space look bigger and brighter. A few coats of white paint can take your room from feeling cramped to giving it an open and inviting feel.


Keep it Low

Using tall and bulky furniture can add a lot of shadows and take away space. If you’re decorating in a tighter area try using low slung furniture. The lower profiles will give a room a lighter and more spacious feel to it. A tip to try is using furniture that is made with reflective materials and colors rather than one that absorbs light.


Rethink Design

Think about how you want to use your space, not how the space is currently being used. Just because a room has been designated as an office doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. If it’s a big room consider turning into a sitting area or a bedroom. It’s your space to be creative and design how you’d like.


Tear Down a Wall

Tearing down a non-structural wall is a great way to make an area feel larger without adding square feet. A suggested space to try removing a wall is one separating the kitchen and living room. It creates one large living area and allows homeowners to still socialize with guests from the kitchen.


Never allow a dim house to overwhelm you. You can always make a room feel brighter and larger by making a few changes. Reclaim a space and turn your house into the home of your dreams.