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10 Gifts to Take to a Housewarming Party

Moving is an exciting time for anyone. Be sure to help your loved ones celebrate a new place with a great gift. Here are some fun ideas for new homeowners:   The Homeowner’s Manual This quirky and helpful book is filled with great info for homeowners and fun little quips. Not only will they learn a lot of tips but they will be entertained during while reading it. Plus, it looks great on a coffee table!   Coasters Coasters are an often-overlooked item when buying things for a new home. You’ll delight new homeowners with a cute, but functional, present.   Vases Guests often bring new homeowner’s flowers but don’t think about whether or not they have a vase. Save the day by gifting a…

Best Ways to Clean Out Your Attic

It’s finally spring and that means it is time for spring-cleaning. Everyone has that area in their home where they stash anything and everything during the winter months. Whether it’s your attic, basement or a random closet here are some of the most efficient ways to get organized:   Excess and Access When you first get started take a look around the area. Take out the items you know you don’t want and put them in a donate or pitch pile. Next, figure out which items you’ll be using most frequently and be sure to organize them in a way that they’ll have easy access. Finally, don’t put off making tough decisions; you’ll regret it later. If you’re trying to convince yourself to keep something…

Cheat Sheet to Homeownership

Now is a great time to buy a home. So use these tips to improve your home buying experience:   Good Real Estate Agent Your future home is going to be yours for years to come. The Kurt Allen Group has the best agent for you who knows the market and can help you find the perfect home in your budget.   Prevent Overspending Before looking at any properties it is important to know how much you can afford to spend. There are several online calculator tools that can help give you an estimate on what you can pay for a home.   Get Preapproved for a Mortgage Looking at homes before you get preapproved for a mortgage can lead yourself to heartbreak. Before you…

How to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’ve decided to sell your home or you want to make sure your place stays current with market value, it’s always a good idea to make home improvements. Increase your home’s value with these tips:   Spend an hour with a pro Spending an hour with one of our relators can be a huge benefit. Their expertise and careful eye can catch areas in a home that need to be updated or give tips on the best way to show your place to potential buyers. Inspect It Not every home issue is cosmetic. It’s hard to fix a problem that you don’t know exists. Bringing in a home inspector can save you money in the long run by spotting issues before it’s time to…

How To Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

Here are some quick sale tips from The Kurt Allen Group on how to outperform the market: De-clutter and de-personalize your home When preparing for a quick sale, look at your home through the eyes of a buyer. Would you want to see someone’s birthday, wedding and kid’s football pictures in the house? Or would you want to see a blank canvas and imagine your belongings in the home? Removing clutter opens up spaces, such as countertops and shelving, and lets a buyer use their imagination. Have your home ready before you place it on the market Walk your home with one of our experiences agents before placing it on the market and make a list of things to get done before it’s officially on…

How to Hire a Painter

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or a homeowner that thinks your house needs to be spruced up finding a painter can be hard. Painting is one of the most popular homeowner improvement projects that homeowners like to do. But doing the painting yourself is a huge task to undertake and hiring a professional contractor will save you a lot of effort and time in the end. Before deciding on a contractor it is important to consider the following: Experience Knowing how long a contractor has been in business is vital. This trade can have quite a bit of turnover. It’s always good to hire a business that has been operating for two or more years.  Employees versus subcontractors When talking to contractors it…

10 Biggest Seller Mistakes

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your house. You hired an agency, marketed your home and have buyers lining up at your door. You received an offer and want to accept. Should be that simple, right? Not quite. Go into selling your home after completing research and getting a better understanding of everything that goes into it.   Don’t sell before you get qualified to buy your new home If you sell your home before you have been qualified to buy another you could face problems. The reason is because your finances may have changed since your last home purchase and you may not be able to qualify for a loan or your house may not sell at a price that lets you buy the…

Is Right-Sizing Right For You?

For those who are living in a home that may be too large for the number of people in it, paying what you think is too much for a mortgage or you’re tired of cleaning and repairing a huge home a consideration may be right-sizing. Right-sizing is moving into a smaller home, condo or apartment that is a better fit size-wise, economically and environmentally. Although many homeowners don’t think about eventually buying a smaller home the minimal maintenance and less money that goes into it is an appealing thought. Not only can it be a huge money saver but time saver as well. Fewer hours of cleaning and labor can lead to more free time to do things homeowners truly enjoy. Some things to think…

Three Tax Benefits of Buying a Home

So you didn’t buy a house last year. That’s OK—you haven’t missed the boat yet on low mortgage rates or a healthy inventory of homes. In many ways, 2016 is a great time to buy a home, not the least of which is for certain tax breaks. Here’s how you could enjoy three significant tax benefits if you purchase a home this year. Use Points to Lower Interest Rates Deductible points are a standard tax break, but 2016 might be a good year to buy points. Interest rates have been at all-time lows, and many experts believe the only direction they can go is up. With 30-year rates hovering around 3.6%, an extra point or two can knock those low rates down even further. One point typically lowers…

Four Reasons to Buy a Home in 2016

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a home, 2016 is the year to take action. Mortgage rates have been bouncing around record lows for a while now. But even though they’re likely to start going up, you haven’t missed your chance to get a deal on a house. A number of factors are coming together, making next year a good time to buy: Home Prices Will Finally Calm Real estate values have been on the rise for a while, but are likely to slow their pace next year. Prices are expected to rise 3.5%, according to many economists. Buyers who’ve been stuck behind the wave of rising prices may finally get the chance to jump in, and that could lead to a flood of…

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