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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / How to Design a Gallery Wall

How to Design a Gallery Wall

Have loads of photos and artwork but not sure the best way to show them off? Try a gallery wall! Use these tips to take your collection and transform your home into your own personal art gallery.


Have Fun With the Layout

Deciding where each of your pieces goes on your gallery wall is part of the fun. Before you hammer nails in your wall try laying out a few different design setups to visualize how your gallery wall will appear. An easy tip to remember different layout designs is to take a picture on your phone so you’ll have an easy time recreating the setup.


Think About Placement

Be conscious of where you’re planning to place your gallery wall. Try not to locate it behind a low-hanging light fixture, which will block your display. Also, when installing your artwork be sure to leave at least eight inches between the bottom of the frame and the top of furniture. You don’t want your display wall to be too high or too low. Eye level is the best placement.


Develop a Palette

When choosing pieces for your wall you may want to have a color palette in mind. Throwing in too many colors or designs may take your gallery wall from art display to eye sore.


Create a Wall Story

If you’re an avid traveler use your wall to tell the stories of your experiences. You can use photos you’ve taken, prints you’ve purchased or artwork you’ve collected from you travels. Not only will you have a unique gallery wall but it will be a great conversation piece for your guests.


Frame Your Work

Frames can add as much visual interest to your gallery wall as the artwork hanging. For a sleek look choose frames in the same color and style. You can also mix and match frames to give your wall the feel that each piece has been collected over time. Or, try using vibrant frames to add color to your space.


Go Off-Center

If you’d prefer a less formal look to your gallery wall place your pieces off center. When hanging them on the wall put them to the left or right of center. It will give your room an eclectic and unique feel.


Gallery walls are the perfect way to make a statement in your home. It’s an opportunity to display who you are and what you like to your guests. Plus, you’ll get the chance to look at your beautiful artwork daily.