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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / Garden DIY- Tin Can Pots

Garden DIY- Tin Can Pots

With May fast approaching it’s time to start thinking of gardens and brightening up your space outside. With this tin can pot DIY, not only will you cheer up your yard but you’ll be recycling at the same time! This is a great project for kids (with adult supervision — of course) and also works as a cute and creative Mother’s Day present.


Step One: Get a hammer and nail and carefully punch a few draining holes in the bottom of your can.


Step Two: Take a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the outside of the can to allow paint and decorations to adhere better.


Step Three: Choose your paint color and decorations. Paint a couple of coats and allow drying in between each. This is a great step for kids, they get the chance to be involved in the project and really let out their creativity.


Step Four: Spray your tin can with a water repellent and outdoor solution to be certain that it won’t rust and will last through the season.


Step Five: Find a fun area in your outdoor space to place your tin can pots and enjoy your refurbished garden decorations!


Bonus: If you don’t just want to place your tin cans in your garden you can also nail them to your fence. The placement of the cans will add varying layers to your garden and outside space.