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How to Hire a Painter

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or a homeowner that thinks your house needs to be spruced up finding a painter can be hard. Painting is one of the most popular homeowner improvement projects that homeowners like to do. But doing the painting yourself is a huge task to undertake and hiring a professional contractor will save you a lot of effort and time in the end.

Before deciding on a contractor it is important to consider the following:


Knowing how long a contractor has been in business is vital. This trade can have quite a bit of turnover. It’s always good to hire a business that has been operating for two or more years. 

Employees versus subcontractors

When talking to contractors it is important to find out if they have employees. If they do be sure to ask if they’re direct employees, meaning they receive their paycheck from the contractor, or are they subcontractors? If they are direct employees of the contractor, they should be covered by the worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies. If they are subcontractors they may have different insurance policies. Either way you should ask the contractor for a copy of proof of insurance for their business and potential subcontractors for your files. 

Legal licensing

Does the contractor have legal state-issued licensing, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance? It’s crucial to be sure that contractors have all necessary licenses and insurance. A reputable and licensed contractor will have all the proper paperwork and be willing to display them. It’s crucial to be sure that they have these things because it not only protects them but also your home.

Preparation work

What sort of prep work does this contractor do? A less expensive bid may mean that a contractor will skip out or cut corners on prep work. A good, experienced contractor may cost a little more but they don’t cut corners and provide great work.


Is your contractor willing to present references to you? It’s always a good idea to call references before hiring a contractor.


Does the contractor know a lot about materials and what will work best for your home? Can they provide explanations on why? A true professional will stay up-to-date on the newest products, painting materials and trends. They will provide suggestions on colors and paint finishes for your home.

Formal estimate

Be sure that a contractor draws up a written contract with a list of materials, labor and time estimate with a dollar figure. A professional contractor provides their clients with contracts and specifications of a project.


What kind of guarantees does your contractor offer? Any? Most reputable painting contractors will offer a warranty on the application and preparation process. Also be sure to check the warrantees on the products being used on your home to make sure you are protected if something doesn’t work out for your home. If a guarantee is offered be sure to have it added in the contract.


Price is always a concern while looking for a contractor. But getting the lowest price should not be your first or only priority before hiring a contractor. You want to hire someone with experience, skill and a good worker. More than likely that will not be the business with the lowest bid. It doesn’t have to be the one with the highest bid either. Look at the full picture and not just price before you make a decision on a contractor. 

Always get at least three bids

With each contractor you receive a bid from ask the same questions and lay out your expectations. Once you have received the bids, which should take a contractor no longer than a week to give you, carefully compare the bids to be certain which one will be the perfect fit for you and your home.