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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / How to Organize Your Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry

An unorganized pantry not only adds chaos to a kitchen but slows it down. Using storage solutions to save on space and categorizing food by type keeps your pantry consolidated and systemized so you can see and have access to anything you may need.


Clean it Out

Start by taking everything out of your pantry. You’ll get a good look at your inventory and you can discard any expired items. Place similar items together to create a better organization system when putting items back into your pantry.


This is also the time to give your pantry a deep clean. With everything placed on the counter tops give your pantry a scrub down.


Use Racks

Investing in storage racks can be a huge space saver. Placing your soup, spices, and baked goods on this shelving gives you fast and easy access to your items.


Designate Areas

Take the items that you’ve preciously sorted and place them together in the pantry. Some categories include: breakfast foods, quick meal items, treats, etc. When getting in your pantry you’ll know exactly where to look for certain items.


Store With Airtight Containers

Airtight containers are great when it comes to items like: cereals, pastas, flour, etc. Not only are they easier to store, and stackable, but you won’t have to worry about bugs getting in.


Label Away

If you want to take your pantry to the next level try printing out labels. Labels will make it easier for you to find particular items and organize groceries after shopping.