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Love It or List It

So you bought a house that you knew would need some TLC. Has it turned into the home of your dreams or is it a money pit that doesn’t quit? Find ways to reclaim your house and love you not-so-perfect space.


Fill Spots You Don’t Like With Items You Love

If you aren’t a fan of the busy wallpaper in the dining room or the odd shelves the former owners installed reclaim them. Place family photos or artwork over the busy wallpaper to give it your own personal touch – plus your eyes will be drawn to the gallery wall and not the wallpaper. On your shelving, add books and keepsakes to be a welcome display of your items.


Don’t Underestimate Greenery

If a spot in the house or room feels drab add a houseplant. It literally will bring life to an area and can brighten up an eyesore.


Pick Up Some Pillows

Throw pillows are a great and easy way to add color and decoration to a room. Not only will they freshen up an older and worn-out couch but it’ll give any room a cozier feel.


Fix Minor Problems

Pick a weekend on your calendar to dedicate to your house. Make a list of problems that can be tackled in a weekend and get started. You’ll feel so much better knowing you accomplished a lot during your time and no longer will be bothered by those minor inconveniences.


Create Conversation Spaces

It’s easy to have every sitting spot in the living room face the TV. Instead have an area where chairs are angled towards one another, encouraging conversation and build on strong family connections.


Make Your Bed

Making your bed starts your day on the right foot. Plus, you’ll appreciate getting into a freshly made bed at night. Research has even shown that making your bed can help you develop good habits all day long.


Listing a house can be easy. Finding ways to love a home and making it your own is the challenging part. Take your space and make it your home sweet home.