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Home / Home Improvement Ideas / Organization DIY- Organize Your Cords

Organization DIY- Organize Your Cords

One of the most frustrating projects to take on is untangling cords. No matter how much time and effort you put into unraveling them they always seem to end up a jumbled mass again. So it’s time to take a stand against the tangle and get your cords organized. With this easy and inexpensive DIY you can get your cords in order.

Step One: Gather your cords, toilet paper rolls, duct tape and other decorations of your choice.

Step Two: Decorate rolls with tape and other decorations

Step Three: Place rolled up cords in the decorated toilet paper rolls. (Tip: try-labeling rolls with what cord is in each one (ex.: computer, camera, DVD). It’ll save you time and energy when you go looking for a certain cord).

Only three quick and easy steps to getting yourself organized. Once you’ve completed the project place the finished rolls in a tote or old shoebox for safe storage. Place the container of cords in an area with easy access so you won’t have to dig around to locate them.