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How To Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

Here are some quick sale tips from The Kurt Allen Group on how to outperform the market:

De-clutter and de-personalize your home

When preparing for a quick sale, look at your home through the eyes of a buyer. Would you want to see someone’s birthday, wedding and kid’s football pictures in the house? Or would you want to see a blank canvas and imagine your belongings in the home? Removing clutter opens up spaces, such as countertops and shelving, and lets a buyer use their imagination.

Have your home ready before you place it on the market

Walk your home with one of our experiences agents before placing it on the market and make a list of things to get done before it’s officially on the market. Research has shown that houses get the most looks when it is first listed so it needs to be market ready. If your home isn’t ready when you place it on the market buyers typically won’t come back to view it when renovations are complete. So always remember first impressions are usually the ones that last in a buyer’s mind.

Consider staging your home if you move before it sells

Having too much in a home can feel cluttered but leaving a house totally empty can look hallow and not homely. Staging companies can add furnishings to your home by adding warmth and color at a reasonable price. By placing furnishing in your house you will show buyers how space can be used and give it a lived-in feel but still allow them to imagine it as their home 

Have your home inspected before placing it on the market

Pre-inspecting a home is becoming more of a trend in the real estate market. For a price of $300-$500 a licensed inspector will evaluate your home’s major systems: plumbing, electric, heating, cooling, etc. Having prior knowledge of any issues can give sellers a chance to update and appliance or make a repair before placing the home on the market and prevent any surprise issues from popping up during a buyer’s inspection. No one’s home is perfect but often time sellers are blindsided by demands for pricey repairs on systems they’ve never had issues with after selling their home. Another positive is that if sellers do a pre-inspection and systems show up in good order after the pre-inspection they can use this information as a marketing tool. 

Price your home to sell

No matter the steps and repairs you make a home will not sell if it is overpriced. By partnering with The Kurt Allen Group we can help determine a fair asking price of your home and be realistic when it comes to setting a sales price. Researching the market and seeing what other homes like yours and surrounding areas are being priced at can help us come up with a solid starting price.

Hire an experienced real estate agency like The Kurt Allen Group

Selling a home can be a scary time for homeowners. But we want to be there for you and help walk you through the process with as much ease as possible. Our experienced agents have the knowledge necessary to give you the most leverage in the market. We have worked with many clients and gone through many transactions. We can anticipate any problems that may arise and know what to do if one happens. But mostly we know how to sell homes.