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Selling Your Home

When someone is thinking about selling their home, there are a lot of questions that start to arise. The first questions you should ask yourself are “What is the value of my home?” and “What do I need to get out of my home to make my move?”

Sellers should look to their agent to help them successfully find the answers to those questions. As a seller, your agent should possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that will guide you through this process. The right agent can help you properly price your home, support your listing with a comprehensive marketing plan, and negotiate the offers you receive.

Your agent’s role doesn’t stop after a price is agreed upon. The right agent will help you handle all the details in your contract such as inspections and any other issues that might pop up in the process. This period after an accepted offer often surprises first time sellers, as it can seem to take longer than necessary.

Overall, there are several factors such as inventory, interest rates, and the quality of schools and entertainment that impact the selling process. The right agent will help you prepare for the market, and develop a strategy to get you the best offer as quickly as possible.

Common Questions

How do you determine selling price of a home?

The selling price is based upon homes in the area that have sold within the last twelve months in similar size and have similar features. Some other factors that can impact price are interest rates, new attractions to the area, and recent improvements made to the home.

What costs are associated with this process?

Sellers should expect to encounter a few fees during the sales process such as: property tax, title insurance, closing fees, any repairs to the home, and the broker’s compensation.

How long does this process take?

After evaluating a home’s condition, sometimes repairs, or upgrades are needed in order to get the house ready for show. Once a house is on the market, it can sell as quickly as 1 day or it could take several months. Once an offer has been accepted, the typical closing time is 30-45 days.

Download: Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Home

You can have a lot of questions when it comes to selling your home.  Our Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Home will help guide you through the selling process, starting with deciding if selling is right for you.

You will learn helpful tips to help get the most value out of your home and prep it for a strong showing.  Our guide will also help you understand how the right agent can help make the process quicker and easier for you.

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